pillow set

pillow set

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Raised Swag with Bling - inspired by Houzz

I have been busy lately and will be adding numerous posts about my recent projects.  This post is about the guest bedroom for some new clients who were such a pleasure to work with!  The client's mom contacted me about providing window treatments for all of the couple's new home's windows and they were great to work with from the word "go".  The client provided me with numerous inspiration photos from Houzz, along with photos of their existing bedding or furniture, so that I could bring ideas and fabrics that would work well with her initial ideas.

We decided on ALL of the styles and fabrics for all eight rooms in one appointment - whew!  It was great fun to select everything all at once and get the fabric, trim and hardware orders rolling in.

This post is about the guest bedroom project.  Below is the photo of the existing bedding that we would coordinate with for the window treatment.

The inspiration photo showed a raised swag with contrast cascades and choux which were accented with large faceted faux crystals.  I love this treatment and in the inspiration photo, you can see the proportions are perfect for the window, and the fabric pattern repeat matches on the shower curtain and the cascades - perfection by Pamela DeCuir Interior Designs!

Pamela DeCuir Interior Designs
I made a mockup of the treatment in my workroom, to check the proportions and make sure the swag fold would drape well in both the bottom folds and the lifted folds.

We selected an embroidered fabric for the main fabric, with contrast dark cream for the cascades and medium blue for the microcording on the cascade seam.

Here is the finished treatment at installation:

The husband was home during install and took photos to send to his wife as we went from room to room, so she could see how the project was going.  When she arrived home, she sent me the sweetest email stating that she ran from room to room, so excited to see each project and how well they complemented each room.  

I will be posting photos of the rest of their treatments soon - keep watching!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

*Bright & Fun Girl's Room Project

A couple of months ago I mentioned an upcoming fun project for a little girl's room that I was getting ready to work on.  The fabric and trim selected is so pretty and I was looking forward to working on the combination of trim and fabrics for this project.  We recently installed this and I wanted to share it with you.

Here is a photo of the existing bedding in the room which was our jumping-off point for fabric and trim selection.  Isn't this great? I love the vibrant colors and contrast and I knew it would be easy to find fabrics and trims to coordinate.

After the floral fabric was selected, I found two solid fabrics to coordinate:  a bright orange and a peony color.  The orange would be the lining and the cuff for the valance and the peony color was used for the contrast cording at the heading and as an accent on the pillow.

I found a sassy trim for the valance hem and the pillow accents:

I created two valance renderings for my client to select from; a shaped cornice or a raised valance with finials.  Either treatment would take advantage of the 13" available above the window, and also allow for a sufficient finished length that would cover the existing shade in the window when it was fully raised.

The client selected the soft valance, which was my favorite also!  We ordered the fabric, trim and finials and then the fun began.

The fabric had a large floral motif, which was centered on each swagged section and also on the horns, so that there is a smooth visual flow across the valance.  We also made the valance for the attached bathroom, and I centered a different motif on that valance for contrast and interest, while still providing continuity between the rooms.

Here is the completed bedroom valance:

I used Pate-Meadows finials, which are very reasonably priced and readily available.  I hand painted the cream colored finials and posts, so that they would match the colors in the treatment.

Here is a closeup of the horn and cascade, showcasing the fun trim!

This photo shows the bathroom valance with a different motif centered in the swag sections.  This valance had a finial only at the center, since the shower trim was close to the window, which worked out well for this smaller window also.

And here is a photo of the adorable pillow using all three fabrics and the trim - a perfect complement to the existing bedding!

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did!  The client was great to work with and the project was wonderful also.

Hope to see you soon!