pillow set

pillow set

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 = the 20th Anniversary of SK Designs!

It is hard to believe that SK Designs started 20 years ago!  We are celebrating with a new website - visit the new site at www.skdesignscustom.com .  Hope you like it!

Lots of things have changed since I started working in our living and dining rooms in 1995, sewing on a single home machine.  As our business grew, we began to overtake our home, and needed more space and more heavy duty equipment.

Eventually, we built out part of our guest house, transforming it into the SK Designs studio. Finally, the machines were out of the house, we had room for more machines, a padded pinnable large worktable, a suspended commercial iron, and room for lots of pegboard walls in order to display completed window treatment projects as well as fabric sample books.

Want to take a look at an efficient professional drapery fabricator's studio?  

Below is the entryway to SK Designs.  Client thank you notes are posted on the striped bulletin board straight ahead, and vendor files and client files are in the cabinets on the right.

Bins with client samples, trims, patterns, etc. are also located in the entryway, along with display photos of some past projects.

As with any business, it is important to have the correct tools for the job!  By investing in commercial sewing machines, a more efficient work space, seminars and trade shows, I could complete projects more professionally and more easily.  Here are a couple of our commercial machines:

It makes a world of difference having all of the things needed to design, draft, fabricate and display custom window treatments and bedding.  The walls of pegboard allows me to display fabric sample books as well as completed treatments ready for delivery.

As you can see above, I can also use the pegboard walls to drape chain weight when drafting overlapping swags.  This helps me check if the proportions and overlaps are the size that I want them to be.  You can also see the suspended Dofix iron floating above the table.  I love my Dofix iron!  It allows me easy access to the iron, while keeping the worktable clear for cutting, drafting and laying out fabrics for treatments in progress.  There is no dangling electrical cord getting in the way that has to be moved out of the way frequently.

Below is a photo of the tool storage and prep area.  Pins, screws, fabric staplers, chalk marking tools, magnetic pin bowls, zippers and zipper pulls, roman shade cord orbs....lots and lots of little pieces are stored in this area.

Of course, there has to be room for inspiration!  Here are just a few of the window treatment and design books that I have collected over the years.

I hope you have enjoyed the mini tour of our studio!

Thank you for your interest, support and business throughout our 20 years!

Susan Kostelecky

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lots of recent projects!

This has been a very busy fourth quarter for SK Designs!  Here are a few photos of some of our recent work:

The photo below is one of my recent favorites because the room is so beautiful and so is the chandelier.  This lovely tone-on-tone ginkgo leaf patterned fabric works very well in this room. With only 4" of space between the moldings at the top of the room, we had to have custom brackets made to allow for the sheers (not shown) to slip behind the stationary panels.  The limited space required a small footprint for the bracket base.

The below two photos are from the same project.  The high ceilings in the breakfast room were accented by the upper placement of the rod on the arched window, allowing for maximum light to come into the room.  The two adjacent walls featured the same embroidered sheer fabric on a continuing angled rod with an elbow at the corner.

The treatment below was fun to work on!  The client was a referral from a wonderful colleague in Colorado (the client is wonderful too).  This breakfast room already had the decorative ceiling and trim embellishments with a fleur de lis pattern.

Here is the rendering I presented to the client for her approval.  One side shows the silk swag and embroidered panel, and the other side shows the opposite fabric combination.

The curved wall with expansive glass showcasing a lovely view was accented with outer panels of embroidered fabric and a gold toned sheer for the under layer.  The draperies were topped with open swags and cascades; the outer corners were topped with shaped mini cornices with decorative hardware and the inner corners had a coordinating medallion accent, which worked very well with the light fixture finish and scrolling designs throughout the room.

Here is a closeup of one of the treatments.

We will be installing the adjacent family room treatments soon and will share them with you at that time - they are gorgeous also!

We also have done a lot of window seat cushions this year.  The cushion below has a cutout for the window sill trim.  This cushion is a "mattress" style cushion and works well in a less formal room. Don't let the "less formal" wording mislead you into thinking that this cushion can be made quickly! All of the stitching at the top and bottom of the cushion allllll the way around the cushion is done by hand and requires heavy duty thread and a firm grasp to keep the tension on the thread, which allows for the desired rippled/stitched effect.  

There will be more window treatments, bedding, blinds and shutters installed before the end of the year!  Thank you for your business and for your interest in SK Designs.