pillow set

pillow set

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lots of recent projects!

This has been a very busy fourth quarter for SK Designs!  Here are a few photos of some of our recent work:

The photo below is one of my recent favorites because the room is so beautiful and so is the chandelier.  This lovely tone-on-tone ginkgo leaf patterned fabric works very well in this room. With only 4" of space between the moldings at the top of the room, we had to have custom brackets made to allow for the sheers (not shown) to slip behind the stationary panels.  The limited space required a small footprint for the bracket base.

The below two photos are from the same project.  The high ceilings in the breakfast room were accented by the upper placement of the rod on the arched window, allowing for maximum light to come into the room.  The two adjacent walls featured the same embroidered sheer fabric on a continuing angled rod with an elbow at the corner.

The treatment below was fun to work on!  The client was a referral from a wonderful colleague in Colorado (the client is wonderful too).  This breakfast room already had the decorative ceiling and trim embellishments with a fleur de lis pattern.

Here is the rendering I presented to the client for her approval.  One side shows the silk swag and embroidered panel, and the other side shows the opposite fabric combination.

The curved wall with expansive glass showcasing a lovely view was accented with outer panels of embroidered fabric and a gold toned sheer for the under layer.  The draperies were topped with open swags and cascades; the outer corners were topped with shaped mini cornices with decorative hardware and the inner corners had a coordinating medallion accent, which worked very well with the light fixture finish and scrolling designs throughout the room.

Here is a closeup of one of the treatments.

We will be installing the adjacent family room treatments soon and will share them with you at that time - they are gorgeous also!

We also have done a lot of window seat cushions this year.  The cushion below has a cutout for the window sill trim.  This cushion is a "mattress" style cushion and works well in a less formal room. Don't let the "less formal" wording mislead you into thinking that this cushion can be made quickly! All of the stitching at the top and bottom of the cushion allllll the way around the cushion is done by hand and requires heavy duty thread and a firm grasp to keep the tension on the thread, which allows for the desired rippled/stitched effect.  

There will be more window treatments, bedding, blinds and shutters installed before the end of the year!  Thank you for your business and for your interest in SK Designs.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Playroom becomes a Teen Room

One of my clients contacted me after SK Designs had completed work in her kitchen, daughter's room, study and master bathroom.  She was ready to update her kids' playroom to become a "Teen Room" for the kids to study in, watch TV and hang out with friends in. Her priority was that the room be updated, comfortable and attractive to both boys and girls.

The room has two very large sets of windows.  Shown below is the smaller side window before we got started.  The walls were a pretty pale blue, accented with hand painted stars and an inside mounted lambrequin style cornice treatment, which was recessed in the inset windows and mounted close to the glass. The window in the photo below is about 106" wide. The front window is even larger.

The homeowner replaced all the windows in the house and removed the existing metal protection bars, and added new pleated shades to provide light control and privacy, as well as to reduce the glare on the TV in the room.  The new windows and shades look great inside and out!

We debated whether the new treatments should be mounted inside the window area (as they had been previously) or above and outside the window opening, on the wall.  We would be adding comfy window seat cushions for the kids to sit on while they were reading or studying.

My client had the room painted a different shade of blue and added a fun rug with chocolate brown, cream, green and blue circles accents in a variety of sizes.

We decided on outside mount cornices with a shaped hem and contrast banding and cording. We would also have plush 4" high density window seat cushions which were wrapped in Dacron for extra softness and loft. There were 3 cushions on the front window, to tie in with the breaks of the windows and also to allow for flipping the cushions in case of a spill or stain. The side window had 2 cushions. The cushions were made in a great chocolate brown and blue check fabric with a contrast brown velvet cording. They are soft and super comfortable.

Several pillows were included, in a variety of fabrics and styles, to add comfort, interest and color to the seats.

Here are the fabrics we used; it looks like a lot of fabrics! But the room is large and could easily accommodate a variety of fabrics, textures and trims. We used a mix of taupe, browns, greens, and blues. I love this combination of fabrics together.

Here is the newly installed cornice on the large window.  This cornice was 155" long - a big beast!  I opted not to hinge this cornice for transportation.  I knew I would be able to move it out of my workroom and into the client's home without having to use a hinge.  But it was bigger than my 12 foot long work table, so I did have to add side tables to my workspace so that I could work on the cornices effectively.

I really do like the effect that the outside mounted cornice has in taking advantage of the height in the room and also creating a cozy seating area for reading or studying.

Hope you enjoyed this project!