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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Patterns and Ribbons and Fur...oh my!

Last week we installed this fun teen girl's room, complete with a 20 foot curved section of wall with 7 windows, and two separate side windows with window treatments and also bedding.

Here are the many patterned, embroidered, solid, furry fabrics and the trims which were used in this project.  Aren't they fun?

The client's daughter had definite opinions and was fearless about color and mixing fabrics - she has a great eye for mixing patterns and textures and it was fun to work with her and her mother on this project.

The turquoise and white trellis fabric was chosen for the traversing drapery panels.  There were 10 widths of material in the curved wall of windows, and the side windows were treated separately but in a matching fashion.

Here is the rendering showing the curved wall of windows with the trellis fabric panels and the purple embroidered valances:

The valance fabric was solid purple with circle several colors of rattail cord shaped into coils and embroidered into place.  It was colorful and textural.  I was careful to figure the valance fabric cutting lines and placement of the coils so that they did not interfere with the top and bottom hems by causing bulk and unsightly flaring.

Here is part of the finished installed large window treatment:

We added turquoise twist cord across the valance pleats and topped each pleat off with a turquoise satin ribbon bow.

Here is a larger photo of most of the bedroom - sorry it is not clear!  I will take another photo when we return to install some shades in the den in a couple of weeks.

The bedding includes a custom quilted coverlet and a variety of pillows.  The vivid colors and pattern of the comforter's main fabric was accented by quilting stitching around the larger motifs.  The back of the comforter is a solid purple fabric, but we chose a lime green bobbin thread so that the motif stitching is accented on the back for an additional embellished detail.

Two king shams were made using the drapery panel fabric and detail was added using cording
made from the purple comforter backing fabric and a lime green brush fringe.

Three super soft pillows were fabricated using a fluffy furry fabric that is SO incredibly soft!  We mixed hot pink and turquoise furry fabric for these pillows.

For the front neckroll pillow, we mixed a purple crinkle poly fabric with the embroidered valance fabric as a centerpiece, accented with lime green microcording
and turquoise ribbon bows.

This was a fun project and the daughter was thrilled to start the new school year with a
new bedroom to study and sleep in!

Hope you enjoyed the latest project by SK Designs!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Magical Media Room

Last week we installed a very fun media room window treatment.  The walls and ceiling in the entire large area had already been painted a dark blue, accented by constellations and stars.  The single window already had a blackout motorized shade, so our goal was for color and design purposes instead of for privacy or light control.

Below is a photo of a section of the wall - very cool!

We wanted to carry the star/constellation theme into the window treatments but also wanted to add some Hollywood glam.

Some of my Houston drapery colleagues gave me some great ideas for this project, including using stars or constellations as embellishment.  Then I utilized my Minutes Matter Studio software program to propose one of Jackie Von Tobel's Designer's Directory of Window Treatments styles to my client.

As you can see in the rendering, we originally planned on having a panel on each side of the cornice, but the refrigerator actually is much taller than in my rendering, hiding the panel on the right.  So we opted to have a double panel on the left side, allowing for a more lush look.  You can see that in the photo below.  In actuality, the cabinet and the refrigerator completely block the far right side of the window.  Because of this, the cornice was built to be centered between the front of the cabinet and the left wall, which allows the treatment to be completely seen even though it is not centered on the window.  This helped to provide a more balanced view of the treatment.

We selected two beautiful velvet fabrics - one an aubergine velvet and the other a sky blue velvet.  To add to the bling we wanted metallic silver cording for the top and bottom of the cornice, and tassels for the areas between sections, and a tassel tieback for the panel.

We decided to use the flat area of the cornice as an embellishment area to include star patterns in Swarovski crystals.  My client loved the idea and  I searched the internet for Swarovski crystal transfers and found these two that my client liked.

I ordered both iron on transfers in order to use them as templates for the custom design.  I wanted to use purple, light blue, iridescent and clear crystals in graduated sizes.  Once I received the transfers, I used my copier to reduce and enlarge the single star pattern so that the sizes would vary somewhat on the cornice.  After cutting out the desired sizes, I traced them on to chipboard and cut that out in order to provide a more stable base to form the outline of the crystal placements.

The placement of the outlines were adjusted and moved around until there was a balance that was not overwhelming for the project, and then I began to apply the crystals.  A adjusted some of the pattern to better fit the area available on the cornice.

The metallic silver cording and tassels were the perfect accent to the overall treatment.   Here is a closeup photo of the cornice.  Some of the crystals show up better than others, due to the camera flash, limited lighting in the room, and color of the crystals.

And now, here is the completed treatment!

I hope you like this project as much as my client did!

Thanks for reading -