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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gorgeous Silk Toile with Scalloped Insets

I love box pleated valances; they are a classic look and are perfect treatments to add contrast banding, buttons, shaped hems, etc.

Using contrast fabric in the inset pleats is a great way to add color and flair to the treatment.  However, most times the contrast inset pleat in the valance does not allow for very much of the contrasting fabric to show.  So I designed a scalloped inset pleat valance...and that became a jumping off point for a scalloped leading edge drapery panel.

The panel below was created using a gorgeous Catania Silk fabric (http://www.cataniasilk.com/) - their Toile Silk pattern in a lovely red and black pattern.  Isn't it striking?

I used Catania's solid red silk for the scalloped openings and used black silk microcord for the edging around the openings and the vertical lines between the scallops. 

The tailored inverted pleat heading allows the leading edge design and accents to stand out as a focal point.

  I used Chinese frogs and knots at the top and bottom points of the scalloped openings.  To add texture and interest to the scalloped opening, I added a solid black tassel to fill the open space and add contrast.

There are instructions online for creating Chinese frogs and knots.  However, these were purchased from High Fashion Home Fabrics in Houston.  They carry several basic colors of knots and frogs.  If you wanted a specialty color to coordinate with your treatments, they would need to be custom made.

The two photos below show the original scalloped valance I made.  Using a floral fabric that would be perfect in a young girl's room, I added ribbon bows at the top and bottom of the openings.  Ribbon loop trim was also added at the bottom of the valance. 

The scallops are 6" tall, which allows for this treatment to be a functional roman shade...the segments would draw up from one scallop to the next, so that full scallops are shown at all times above the folds.

 The photos above show how different inset fabrics really can transform the look of the treatment.  The solid pink fabric on the left really accentuates the contrast and shows up very well.  The photo on the right has a contrasting white, lavender and green checked fabric that shows well, but not as dramatically.  A contrast pink microcord would have outlined the scalloped segment beautifully.

As an alternative to buttons or bows, the tops and bottoms of scallops can also be accented with toggles or clasps, both readily available at craft and fabric stores.

Inset Accents:

There are plenty of alternatives to tassels or contrast fabrics inserted into the open scallop areas.

Below shows a set of decorative frogs with center knots as a lovely accent.

To accent treatments seasonally, you could custom embroider small segments to alternative for special events or holidays.  The insets can be reversible and attached to the inset openings by small velcro tabs.  When the holidays approach, just flip over the inset!

Leaves for fall....

Holiday ornaments...

Holly leaves and berries...

The embroidery could alternative between segments....the first, third and fifth open scallop could be green leaves, and the second, fourth and sixth opening could be rust leaves....or alternating ornaments or other holiday accents could be showcased. 

For fun, what about "HO HO HO"?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Christmas, and I LOVE the idea of using seasonal embroidery for the holidays!

Speaking of seasons, Houston has finally received a little taste of fall with some cooler temperatures.  It feels so fantastic!  I am also looking foward to heading to Boston soon to present a couple of seminars to a wonderful trade group...I am really looking forward to experiencing their temperatures too!

Happy Fall!



  1. Beautiful Susan! And for seasonal accents I love the holly berries ;-)

  2. I love this panel. It's so beautiful, I'm glad I got to see it in person !