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wave tucks

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pretty Pillows

You might remember this client's master bedroom window treatment and bedding project, which I posted last year.

Yesterday I delivered some pillows for the chaise lounge in this large room.  We had just the smallest of pieces left of the fabric which had been used on the bed's scaldino.  Sometimes having fabric constrictions helps decide the style and size of the projects we are working on.  I had juust enough fabric of the patterned gold/red/blue fabric to center the pattern motif on the envelope pillow.  
During the project's design phase, I had purchased a number of different styles of tassels so that the client and I could determine which looked best on the valance horns as a decorative accent.  While fabricating the valance, we decided that the treatment stood alone on it's own quite well, with the mix of solids and patterned fabric, along with the microcording and the tasseled trim at the hem.  So we elected not to use the tassels on each horn.  Therefore, I had some left over when working on the pillows.  I cut off most of the tassel's cording tie and formed a sweet little bow at the top of the tassel and hand stitched it onto the point of the envelope pillow.  Just the right touch!

The client had provided the bolster pillow form, and we wanted to tie in two or three of the fabrics on this pillow.  My client gave me creative license to do whatever I wanted, so I decided to use the gold silk fabric for the pillow body and made a sort of cummerbund wrap in the embroidered fabric and accent everything with covered buttons and cording - so pretty!

The square pillow received some finishing touches also.  We added the tassel trim which was used on the valance hem, and microcorded the edge between the trim and the pillow for a dressmaker detail to top it all off.


I hope you enjoyed this mini Pillow Palooza!


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