wave tucks

wave tucks

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Fabrics Arriving Soon!

There are many things about Spring to look forward too - cool, crisp weather (well, in Houston, maybe not so cool or crisp!), daffodils and other spring flowers, trees beginning to bud and flower...and, for drapery designers and fabricators like myself:  NEW SPRING FABRIC BOOKS! (Yes, I did mean to yell that out!).

It is exciting to see what the new styles, colorways and patterns will be for this Spring.

Just today, I received an email with these photos of coming-soon fabrics from one of my fabric vendors.  Aren't they fresh and bright and fun?

Outdoor fabrics in bright colorways

Are you ready to freshen and brighten your home's window treatments or bedding?  Give me a call and I can show you the latest and greatest new fabric selections!

Hope to see you soon!



  1. They are so fun, I'm loving all the orange !

  2. Hi Tammy - hope you are doing well! I love the fresh, new colors too and am looking forward to working with them for client projects!