wave tucks

wave tucks

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What's on the Table Today?

Generally, when someone asks "what's on the table?", they are asking about dinner.  But for a workroom owner like me, that question means "what kind of project am I working on today?".

Today's project is for a long term client & friend whose pillows needed a little facelift.  The colors and fabric work great in her family room, but the trim around the pillow edges needed to be replaced, and the pillow fillers will be replaced with plump, cushy fillers as well.

The photo at left shows the pillows along with the satin and sheer ribbons that I will be using to make custom trim.  The ribbons will be sewn together so that they will be very strong and will not shred or split apart.  I have shown a burgundy and gold ribbon, along with gold and cream sheer ribbons.  We will be adding a green ribbon as well, to tie in the leaf pattern and color on the pillow fabric.
 The photo at right shows a sample of the looped ribbons sewn together (without the green ribbon so far), that I made as a sample for my client's approval.

This is an example of truly custom work - ribbon trim made especially to match a client's fabrics for a just-the-right-touch finish.

I think it will be fun and fresh and will look great in the room, don't you?

Hope to see you soon -

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