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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Not Your Everyday Project - Pinterest Inspiration

I spend a little (too much) time on Pinterest; do you?  I found this fun project that I thought a couple of my clients might be interested in for their kids - a Fort Kit!

Each kit includes some sheets, suction cups, clothespins, plastic clips, clothesline and flashlight.  The suction cups, clothespins and plastic clips can be used to attach sheets to each other, or to other things like windows or furniture to create an extra big fort in the location of choice. The clothesline can be used to drape the sheets over in order to add height or a pitch to the tent.

I think this is a great gift idea or even a fundraising auction event donation.

One client has two adorable sons who are as creative and smart as their parents.  Their kit was combined in a camouflage fabric tote bag.

Another client has a little girl who loves manicures and pedicures, so he requested the fort kit be modified somewhat to appeal to her love of spa treatments.  Done!  I had some fabric remnants left over from her bedroom window treatment project last year, so I used that fabric to make her tote bag.

I added some bright nail polish and some color coordinated nail files to her kit, and tied the tote bag with a pink ribbon.  Adorable!

I can't wait to hear how she likes her spa kit!

Hope you enjoyed this project, which is a little different than my usual window treatment or bedding projects!


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