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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kids' Rooms + Embroidery = Fun!

I am lucky enough to count many of my clients as my "favorite clients".  My very first client is one of these...we have continued to work together on projects throughout her home since 1995.

We haveredone her childrens' rooms several times, moving from almost-nursery style, to juvenile looks, to youthful styles, to teen rooms.  It is fun to watch the progression of the kids' rooms and the styles, colors and themes that they like and how they change.

This valance was designed and fabricated by a friend of the family.  The homeowner wanted to add some stronger color and style to the treatment and to coordinate with a new quilted Pottery Barn coverlet in a pretty kiwi green color.

The photo is the "before" shot of the pair of windows.

By adding an overlay with custom embroidery and coordinating cording, the bedspread is tied in and the valance (stationary roman shade) has some added weight and detail.

These purchased pillows and shams are nice, but the client wanted to add some personalization and color to coordinate with the valance overlay.

The photo below are the original purchased pillow shams and comforter.

We designed slightly larger Euro sham pillows in a soft shell-pink with  kiwi green embroidery.
The smaller pillows have a 1/2" contrasting flat welt around the edges which is gathered a bit at the corners. The smaller pillows can be used on the bed or the upholstered side chair.  One of the smaller pillows features some floral embroidery also. 

I think it is very fresh and crisp!

The photos below show a young boy's room - he loves basketball, and more specifically, the Houston Rockets.  We used a purchased plaid comforter as our base, and incorporated the Houston Rockets theme.  We ordered these wonderful and large Rockets pennants, and mounted them on a black backdrop, blackout lined to prevent light bleed-through and fading.

Centering the valance is a custom embroidered pennant with the boy's name positioned vertically and a "swooshing" basketball flying through the net.  Contrasting banding and cording mimics the Rockets banners for unity and balance.

Below is the completed room which features some of his sports memorabilia on display.  He was happy with his room, as was his mom.  It was a fun project that I enjoyed working on.  Kids rooms are always great to plan and coordinate, and I love working with themes and incorporating custom embroidery too.




  1. I sure wish you lived closer Susan. My girls will soon be ready to move out of that toddler stage look. Your work is beautiful!

    Patricia Sprinkle

  2. The valance made of pennants is really cool. I've always loved that pointy shape.

  3. Fantastic work! I love all the embroidery! Do you do this yourself or do you have someone to embroider for you? Really nice!