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wave tucks

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Inspiration for the International Quilt Festival

I promised (almost two months ago!) that I would post more inspirational photos from the International Quilt Festival held annually in Houston, which I attended in October. 

 Below are numerous photos for your viewing pleasure!

The quilt below is lovely at first glance... 

But a closer view shows the amazing detail on this coneflower...

Look at the beaded detail - I think they are bees!  The ingenious quiltmaker used beads in different sizes to simulate bees on the flower's center - I love it!  This was one of my all-time favorites for creativity and style.

 These smaller designed pieces were in a class that I took. These pictures do NOT do this artistry justice - the beading and handwork was exquisite and jewel-like.

Another creative use of color and pattern:

I loved the mottled background on this award-winning quilt, as well as the contrasting colors.

Bonus:  it's gorgeous on the back as well!  A sign a true craftsmanship and skill.

A closeup of the stitching and vibrant colorations.

I love the deep contrast and reverse patterns here.

Another beautiful quilt!

 A stunning Americana type quilt.

 Perfect stitching and circles!

What a beautiful soft colored and sweet quilt embracing the art of tea!

The beribboned spoons are adorable! 

These vibrant scenes were terrific. 

A closeup of the beaded accents and stitchwork - fabulous! 

It was great to revisit these photos and I hope you enjoyed them also!


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