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wave tucks

Friday, October 14, 2011

Slipcovers - casual and dressy

I recently completed two slipcover projects for a client.  The below two photos were taken in front of a white fabric backdrop in my workroom.

The first project incorporated a coffee theme for the four chairs at her breakfast table.  We added padded and ruffled chair skirts to the seats and a padded mini-slip to the top of the chair. 

The top slip has a small fold and button accent at the back and ties which coordinate with the ties on the chair seats.

We also made six slipcovers for her dining room chairs.  She wanted a decorative "waistband" wrap that would work well throughout the year but could also be dressed up for the holidays.

The overall slipcover is lined and interlined in the top section, to add softness and to prevent the wooden frame and slats from being seen or felt through the slipcover.  If the chairs are used often, the imprint of the slats can sometimes eventually be seen on the slipcover, so I wanted to prevent that as much as possible.

The skirt has bouillion trim at the hem and pleats at each corner.

  For most of the year, the pleated sash/waistband will be used, which features 5 covered buttons and fabric loops on each side of the chair.  The waistband section for the waistband is a solid fabric which was pleated on the back, and embroidered and embellished on the reverse side of the pleated back. 

The pleated back waistband segment is reversible, with the reverse side featuring a custom embroidery design with a mirror image layout.  The leaves and holly berries are stitched in several thread colors, including metallics. 

I hand beaded some gold, silver and ruby colored beads onto the design for a bit of shimmer and elegance for the holidays.

The holidays are coming up and these simple and beautiful details are the perfect complement to holiday decorating!


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