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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ingenuity from the International Quilt Festival

Yesterday I visited the exhibit hall at the International Quilt Festival - it truly deserves HOURS of time and I had only about an hour to spare, but I wanted to share some of the photos from the gorgeous displays.

The quilt shown below in several photos was one of the major award winners at the Festival...it was so gorgeous and I was mesmerized by the lattice work that the quilter made using bias turned tubes. She was displaying and discussing her stunning work; she did mention how many hours she spent just TURNING the tubes, not including sewing them into the quilt.  It was so beautiful!  There was a crowd surrounding her, admiring her work and design.

Below, the quilter shows the back of the quilt - gorgeously finished!  You can clearly see through the undulating latticework design here, can't you?

Below is a much closer photograph of her exacting handiwork!  Amazing!
Look at the little thread scrollwork accents at the bottom of the photo - so whimsical and fun.

Some of you may know that we have seen an armadillo lately in our backyard - I thought this quilt was appropriate for Texas.  The colors in the sky are so lovely and soft.

The quilt is a wonderful scene showcasing outdoor Texas.  The field and sky is so pretty, that you almost don't see the little armadillo in the corner!  The detailed stitching is amazing to me.  Here's a closeup of Mr. Armadillo and his stitching:

Below is a stitching sample that one of the Quilt Festival instructors had on display.  It was about 14 x 14 and looks pretty here...but wait until you see the close up photo below.

 Such intricacy in the flowing stitching and the soft color choices.

There were some lovely examples which included Swarovski crystals - ooh la la!

Here is a zoom photo of some of the sparkly embellishment.

And some more innovative ideas for using the Swarovski crystals - don't we all need more bling in our lives?

This memerizing quilt was another award winner - and rightfully so.  The Asian inspired quilt shows so much detail and skill.

Look at the detail on the border edges!

And the watered background, completed with dragonflies and feathery birds - I am amazed at the planning and skill that went into this (and other) projects.

I hope you enjoyed this little mini-tour of skill and talent - I will post more photos soon!


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